While the average consumer knows wax can protect their car’s finish from damaging substance such as the heat of the sun, salt ,tar , bugs and road dust ,the public isn’t as aware as it should be about the damage acid rain can cause.
Intermittent showers and periods of highly acidic rains followed by heat and sunshine are more prevalent in summer and can damage your vehicles finish if not washed off. Frequent washing and regular waxing should be a year around habit.
 Wax serves two purposes for clear coat gloss:
1 .It improves the shine by masking imperfections caused by acid rain, scratches, spider webbing, etc…
2. It provide a sacrificial layer of protection until contaminates can be washed off and it helps keep your finish looking new.
How do you know WHEN to wax?

Wax when water stops beading on the surface.This could be every 1 to 4 months.

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